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OnePlus 6T launch date forcefully moved because of Apple iPad event

The Chinese popular smartphone brand OnePlus makes flagships Android phones and sell them less than hundreds of dollars besides Samsung’s Galaxy or Google’s Pixels phones.

The Chinese model OnePlus is the highly expected next-generation flagships phone, and the 6T version was originally assumed on Oct 30. But fortunately, the company moved the launching date Oct 29, actually the company doesn’t wait to launch their product in front of OnePlus consumers.

That’s the true commitment to its biggest fans, we’re not sure what happens.

Totally confusing about the launch event date because they’d have chosen between OnePlus and Apple, releasing the original date of OnePlus 6T swallowed by the Apple’s expected new iPad launch.

Pete Lau CEO of OnePlus shared a forum post and explaining in details why they have change launching date. In short “Our aim is to make sure (6T) get the time and regard it deserves.”

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Also said “when we declare to launch the OnePlus 6T on Oct 8, we’re confident our timing that allows a maximizing amount of people reach to touch our message.

That’s the timing changed when Apple announced own event date Oct 30.” According to the company decided they’d be overshadowed by Apple, that’s why they stuck their original launch date.

Probably they lose press coverage and attendance aside, he just respects to the OnePlus’s community, and it offering full refunds to anyone who has been worried by the change and can’t make it.

Lau says, “everyone who owns able with the ticket they will be full of refund their ticket.” Though you’re still capable to join our event then at first Thank You! We will adjust if changed your plans.

Although you need to pay to move your flight, we’ve got your back. Along with someone who has booked a hotel or manage other agreements. Our team fixes any kind of ticket regarding issues individually.”

OnePlus’s changed the launch date of any few times of any company has openly admitted, that overshadowed Apple. The company’s current place in the industry and not lease insolence cloud its messaging or products.

The new launch date mention on Oct 29 at 11 a.m. ET.


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