Now Amazon will pay U.S. employees at least $15 |

Now Amazon will pay U.S. employees at least $15

Recently Amazon has announced it will be upbringing the minimum wage of all its staff in the U.S. to possibly $15 an hour.

The other side Amazon employees pay increased that probably kick in almost instantly, with new $15 remuneration next month.

According to the recent statement released from the online retail giant, actually, the remuneration increase will affect more than 350,000 employees.

Also, that number of will covers over 100,000 periodical employees who will possibly be hired in the  United States holidays throughout the company. Now Amazon running employees 575,000 around the world.

According to the Associated Press, the Amazon employees recognize that the pay includes part-time, full-time by the team policy, Beside of that periodical positions. Also, the employees at Whole Foods, which is Amazon owns, it will be increased in the same level of pay.

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Amid said that the low pay and results of poor working conditions, Amazon had a long been an aim of minimum wage activities and advances.

The economic report of Amazon trading value in this summer hitting a market value of $1 trillion and founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is becoming the richest person in this modern generation.

Some of Amazon employees went on strike to protest their conditions. The Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator, who constantly pressed Amazon on the issue.

Recently the company presented tax to Stop BEZOS Act with the workers who earned remuneration low enough that they received federal welfare advantages.

In an Amazon statement, the CEO Bezos said: “We listened to analysts, it’s really hard what we wanted to do, and we decide we want to conduct.” “We’re excited about this new change and encourage our competitors and other experienced to join us”.

Also, the company said its statement and announced that its public policy team will support for an increased in the federal minimum wage, surprisingly which currently sits at $7.25 an hour.

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