Netflix looks at the next generation movie reviewer who needs to find a new advance feature outlet to hone their trade. Or more probable, monsters are going to need to find new areas to complain about their childhoods, thanks to the next Star Wars film.

July 30 Netflix has declared that users will no longer time to wait for a written review of their favorite movie or TV shows. In mid-august, there is an advanced feature for users, they will no longer spend the time to read reviews that they have already posted as they will all be removed from the platform. The thumbs up/thumbs down rating will available on the platform.

The streaming media platform “Netflix” has started to collect information who are recently used writing reviews feature via email.

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Last year the streaming company removed other users rating feature when it phased out the five-star rating system machine. Moreover, the writing reviews were much less eminent throughout the media company and didn’t persuade Netflix watch recommendations to its subscribers. Users could only read and write reviews on the Netflix website and obviously, the written review feature was not enforced in any of its apps. Most of the third-party apps completely neglected the writing review feature.

Whereas, Netflix is reproaching declining use of the writing reviews as the reason for the feature’s coming removal. The company is infamous for not sharing data related content on its service is performing with outside tracking organizations. These changes also come at a time nearly when Netflix is focusing resources into its own original content.

If you are a Netflix subscriber that its helpful for you to written reviews feature of the full advantage, also make a copy of all your reviews as soon as you can. There is another way to reviews your opinion by through your voice over the streaming services quality on the Netflix.



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