Netflix price changes, but luckily, it looks like another steaming company’s latest scheme for getting more money out of the user desire.

The CNET, streaming giant confirmed about the testing method out of a new tier for Ultra subscription plan in Europe €16.99 per month, which would offer exclusive access to HDR (high dynamic range) content.

Netflix spokeswoman Smita Saran told on CNET “we constantly test new things and improve at Netflix and these test generally vary in length time,” In this case, we are slightly testing users demand and what’s the different price points or feature to realize better consumer value about Netflix.

Netflix also focused price range that allowing users to stream on multiple activities on the screen at once. Only $7.99 Basic plan allows the user’s on-screen streaming desire, and $10.99 provide the standard plan, and also $13.99 Premium plan offer more.

Now, the Netflix reports that a few different version of the new price range of the particular model. One time Ultra offer without affecting the fixed plans. But another site and are seeing some of the promotional activities that reduce the number of Premium plan four to two and only Standard plan in one screen.

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Netflix’s declaration was clear in starting with Ultra pricing tests are just that instead of the persistent model for all users. Saran said that “the Netflix all subscriber will not see the test and the company may not any offer provide in a specific price point or the feature being tested in this criteria.”

The company suggest the test pricing models about Netflix to the current user and realize what the value of HDR feature in their streaming movies.

But still, you might think that what the HDR feature offered in Ultra means.

Whereas you just feel and improvement to TV image quality, HDR also feel you what the difference between standard and high definition, many are predicting HDR will only one day inescapably become as ubiquitous as HD.

Nowadays HDR is mostly seen as costly and expensive new feature reticent for those who can afford to become in early. Netflix’s strategy really awesome, it’s getting more money out of it exciting 125 million users, just pretty charge up everyone. The feature appears for targeting users who are most excited about the plan.

At least, this could set a future plan where HDR available in a standard image quality for all TV channels.



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