The internet browser Mozilla Firefox has already rolled out a fix that stops malicious site and spamming you with the authentication request.

Surprisingly the fix is now available in Firefox Nightly (beta version of the browser that provides upcoming features) and ZedNet noted that it’s expected to emerge in early July.

These are the alerts usually appear on the fake tech support sites and appear in an endless loop, probably you just leaving for the spammy information regarding technology.

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Advanced Blocking

In the past Mozilla has issued a fix about the authentication pop-us, besides that it only blocked those conceived in sub-resources like iframes.
The report from Johann Hoffman, the blocking process now applies to the domain of top-level frame, usually malicious sites looking to your browser.

The other hand this is the latest serious fixes of Mozilla that is rolling out to make the web more secure and annoying less place.

The Firefox 66 most stable release with auto-playing sound and implement scroll anchoring, which stops the web pages jumping as ads and image for better loading speed of particular website when you’re reading.


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