Microsoft's new AI feature for Android will boost up Excel |
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Microsoft’s new AI feature for Android to boost up Excel

The software giant Microsoft and mixing artificial intelligence with office 365 to create a spreadsheet from visual data around you. Microsoft new feature is currently testing and also a beta version released to the number of users.

In the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet comes with a bunch of new feature with including artificial intelligence code, it also gets you a data in image experience in Excel sheet.

Microsoft also describes it in a blog post, when you open Excel on your phone or tablet and click the insert data from picture button to get started.
Besides that narrow in your data until you see it encompassed by a red border and easily tap the capture button.

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If it requires for you then you can manage your picture by crop the image and instantly Excel’s powerful AI engine will process the image and convert to it’s a table.

When you just import your data on the first time it will give you a chance to correct any kind of issues during the conversion process.

It’s not just a stunning feature, but it promotes a bunch of new ideas from Microsoft’s repositioned key with mobile aims. So, this is not just an easy task to achieve. But in case of scanning document (including Microsoft Office Lens) it just simply magic of any smartphone users.

The package of Office 365 which also based on a subscription plan, which is turning out to be a key driver of revenue with customer engagement.
However, this feature is still in beta for limited Android users, you will wait for until full release to the platform.

Another side Microsoft will allow to continue accentuation that the platform is not mandatorily to the operating system, but the software you choose to run make sure the software will run any kind of devices.

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