Here is a good news for people who are using a long time Windows Notepad: In this year for the first time, big changes appear to the app with some of those changes.

Surprisingly, yesterday Windows announced next Windows 10 update will including some of the security and clunky app improvement.

Also, Microsoft said after the successful users feedback the company decided added a new feature, which ability to do delete a whole word by hitting Ctrl + Backspace.

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Last month this update heels on the Microsoft Office and it will come with Redstone 5 (Microsoft impending update) launched later this year.

If it goes smoothly, then the update would be a positive move for this company, also we say less-then-smooth rollouts these past few months.

Although, Notepad fixed its problem with mixing up file form other operating systems, in this scenario the app has not to change after 33 years.

Its upcoming update will make the platform more comfortable, secure and larger file, and also improve its find and replace function option.


The new find and replace will soon give the users cover around the system, make sure also remember your previous settings to habit a new search automatically.

The first-time Notepad is introducing zoom in on the text feature, which you’ll be able to press Ctrl + plus or minus key, or use Ctrl and your mouse wheel to adjust the zoom level.

Most excitingly, Notepad will display lines that do not fit the screen.
Moreover, finally, we can say goodbye to infinitely long lines of the text, this new update probably still not change or not a user-friendly reputation of this app.


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