We all love Windows 10 with its most attractive feature and Microsoft has now released a new update for Windows lover, but unfortunately, the latest update for Windows 10 (path KB4482887) has lame to gaming performance on the platform of Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

As well as now Microsoft has confirmed the issue and officially warning about the update.

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According to the Microsoft “after installing the latest update KB442887, the users also notice that graphics and mouse performance shame when playing such kind of games” also Microsoft saying it is working on a fix.

Unnecessary to say, the users are violent. The Woddy Leonhard also reported two threads on Reddit.

Leonhard also explains “this major problem continues when playing games, probably all of the gamers surely notice about this issue.”

The other hand, probably Windows 10 feature is worst, and Leonhard clearly explains about the story, “Don’t go clicking Check for updates! actually, you can get optional non-security about the cumulative update.”

The second one, Microsoft’s also recorded with Windows 10 consistent updates that remains for best. Even the Windows Defenders hasn’t perfect all time, Windows 10 has a “Software Quality Problem” and the last year it has been updated problem in January to November and even February 2019.

The Windows 10 updates are really essential to long term security and solidity of Windows 10. But Microsoft needs the patient to run long term reliability of its features.


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