The famous company Microsoft is testing a new project called Bali, which will generally allow people to control their collected data through online services.

A leak testing version appears of the ZDNet website. The website explains that the project goal to set a “new personal data bank which people put their all collected data into them. The databank will enable the users to store all of the data by them. Along with that, it will allow to user manage, visualize, control, share and monetize the data.”

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Besides that Microsoft has removed the test website from the public view, as well as the website earlier time,  explain the project and trying to solve the issue of “inverse privacy” but the idea of personal data on a person is stored is not convenient to them.

On 2014 the Microsoft employees who worked on research division written on a paper and describe the idea of inverse privacy.

The Bali website is a Research project of Microsoft and it sill tested and may not come for public use. Moreover, the project of Bali website signal is at a mature stage.

The idea of the internet users should be collected their personal data and following the recent  Facebook Cambridge Analytica incident.

The inventor of the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee working on the new project named Solid, which help to people stores their personal information in “pods.” Users also allow to authorized the applications to access their data easily.

The other hand, Helm is starting a new business to selling a $499 private email server, which basically allows people to host their own email service left from the large technology businesses Google and Yahoo.



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