Today Microsoft surprisingly released a new version of Windows 10 Build 18298 for Windows 10 Insiders Fast Ring. The latest build version comes with next update dubbed 19H1 and its really many more improvements.

Hopefully, there are no new feature updated Windows but Microsoft has made a lot of developments base feedback by the Insiders.

What’s a new improvement in Windows 10 Build 18298

The new Windows 10 Build 18298 provide File Explorer improvements with new Start menu change and cool Notepad feature and more.

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File Explorer icon change

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 18298 for Insider |
Image Courtesy: windowslatest

In this update, Microsoft has changed the File Explorer icon better with the introduced new light theme.

Default downloads folder

Now Microsoft is making changes as a default sorting by providing “Most recent downloaded file” at the top of sorting list. Actually, it makes easier for the user to find latest downloaded file, if you haven’t changed the file name. Also, you have another option to switch sortings by continuing View tab in File Explorer.

Start menu changes

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 18298 for Insider |
Image Courtesy: windowslatest

Recently Microsoft had introduced capacity to unpin groups and folders in the Start via a context menu entry. Happily, these changes are now available for all Insiders in the Fast Ring.

Touch keyboard facility

Microsoft has made touch keyboard facility of its new updates which now conducts more conviction to the words while typing faster.

Updated Console

Also, there are some of the new improvements made by the console with a “Terminal tab” which basically presented new properties page with new settings to enable new and empirical features to rolled out upcoming new future updates.

Notepad Updates

Microsoft also updates new things in Notepad with encoding and adding another option to save the file in UTE-8, which now will be default Byte Order Mark for new files.

Furthermore, a new column has been added to the status bar that the display’s encoding of the document. Now at a moment, Notepad has a new Modified indicator and it will show an asterisk (*) into the title bar which suggests any unsaved changes to the documents.

Narrator Updates

Releasing the new build, you have to chance to learn basis about Narrator new improvement. You also control the Narrator as a turn-off or remove the Narrator Home by pressing Alt + Tab.

Windows 10 Update Notifications

Microsoft Windows 10 19H1 is making a new valuable feature of consumers and Windows Update Notifications is one of them, which now shows on the Power Button in the Start menu with an orange color, it warns you to restart your device to update to newer builds.

Microsoft has released its Windows 10 new build with feedback changes based by Insider. The latest build is now rolling out if you are enrolled in the Fast Ring make sure following the steps- Settings> Windows Update> Check for Update.


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