Many of the time Microsoft talked about a foldable Surface device that called about “Andromeda” that announcement in 2019, probably new book titled “Beneath Surface.”

The book partner with journalist and the tech blog doing Brad Sams, which is started shipping on November 29. The most confused matter is how Microsoft built the Surface brand and how it determined.

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Also, Beneath a surface tells the Redmond stories, the Washinton-headquartered software giant Microsoft made its hardware dreams to reality like a failure into wealth.

The Surface Phone addicts previous this year ran on a petition “,” but Microsoft oppositely reported its decision to cancel the dual-screen system based computing device.

But in case of a new book also suggests “Andromeda,” that is a foldable device like a phone and a tablet, it could be hands of people probably next year.

Also, the book suggests that Andromeda could be a bit of larger, actually it just likes “pocketable” design base model.

Besides of the author wrote in a blog post “this is just confusing fact about this device because the product will ship when it’s ready properly and then there are an explanation about the product, but the company observes it as a fanciful device and it is presently scheduled for Q4 2019 release.”

Last month South Korean giant Samsung exposed a foldable smartphone and announce with strongly it would release the first week of 2019. Also, Chinese giant Huawei is continuously working with similar device beside the expensive smartphone.

According to Sams “the device cover with the whole book, and the Surface Pro will get heavily updated version in Q4 of 2019 and that is also thinner bezels with a new color variant options, USB-C, and many more improvements.”


Video Courtesy: Mashable

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