If you are a Windows lover or you’re still using Windows 7, so it’s a perfect time has come to upgrade the Windows version. Recently Microsoft has announced that the Windows 7 operating system support from Microsoft totally end on 14 January 2020.

Wherever the company’s had ended the current support back in 2015, and also Microsoft provides extended support like free security updates that will be ending next year.

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Microsoft has highly recommended to consumers upgrade Windows 7 with full license key and convert to Windows 10. Wherever you can continue your PC with Windows 7 but when Microsoft ends their support than it will be a security risk to PC and feature updates.

According to the recent report Windows 10 has ultimately overtaken from Windows 7 39.22 percent of the web traffic in December 2018. The other hand  Windows 8.1 was just 4.41 percent and also Windows XP on the same way but Windows XP was the most popular operating system out of the year.

Moreover, last year Microsoft also announced that the company will provide as an offer paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates till January 2023. Obviously, Microsoft will provide Extend Security Updates package on pre-devices for basic pricing amount.


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