The foldable devices are much popular after Samsung releases its foldable device, now Microsoft is preparing for the dual-screen Surface foldable device.

According to The Verge, Microsoft already working on a foldable-devices that version of Windows 10.

According to The Verge Story, The Redmond, Wash-based software giant is highly investing in making Windows and also Surface device to foldable device with dual-screen hardware.

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The popular operating system software company making built-in applications which need to optimized the working segment using foldable dual-screen technology.

However, Microsoft is working on software for foldable devices, as well as from the Twitter news @BuildFeed, which also tracks the latest Window build releases. On Monday, BuildFeed tweet the first Windows 10 build foldable device.

Besides that Microsoft has also experimented with their own foldable hardware, and Microsoft foldable surface phone also ready in 2017 but the company won’t release. In 2018, Microsoft dual-scree foldable Surface device leaks as code-named Andromeda.

The foldable phone has been coming for a long time and another side Samsung had promised its foldable smartphone earlier time. Surely, that didn’t happen for now. Even Apple is making foldable iPhone that currently under development.

As the technology industry in 2019 which company first release foldable device which available for purchase. Microsoft is smartly preparing for the foldable device to release after complete its final process.

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