Microsoft invention ‘Robot OS’ is coming soon to the Windows 10 |

Microsoft invention ‘Robot OS’ is coming soon to the Windows 10

Microsoft has declared the empirical release of “Robot Operation System ROS1” for the Windows next generation bringing the feature like Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Vision, Cloud Service and many more.

The news comes from a part of “ROSCon 2018” that bring a Marid, Spain, where the Microsoft is manifesting a “ROBOTIS Turtlebot 3” robot that recognizes and closet to run a person on the “Windows 10 IoT Enterprise” solution.

On Friday, Lou Amadio, Principle of Software Engineer, Windows IoT, Microsoft wrote a blog-post “this growth will bring the flexibility and security of Windows 10 Internet of Things Enterprise, that can a solution to the ‘ROS’ ecosystem.”

In case of ‘ROS’ is a set of libraries and tools system that are used to build some complex robots and “Windows 10 IoT Enterprise” this devices delivery to the enterprise obedience and security solver to the industry based IoT devices used in retail like healthcare, manufacturing and more industries.

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The tech giant Microsoft joined the ROS Industrial Consortium, that is the open source project extend with the advanced level of abilities of ROS software of manufacturing. It also improves the product quality on the industrial robots.

Also, Amadio says, “ windows have been a reliable partner of the robotic and the industrial systems for decades, and the other side we’re finding intelligent edge robotic that can perform a more advanced level of feature.”

In this way, Microsoft improves their robots, and another side the company plans to research into advanced advancement tools.

Amadio wrote, “Microsoft builds for ROS1 and shortly ROS2, similarly  it provides evidence, growth and distribution solution for Windows.”

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