Microsoft has implemented some of the bugs that probably attack on Windows 10. This is the due situation for more bugs about Windows and they are finding as much as they are extending Windows 10 October 2018 update.

Now, this moment Microsoft has ventured to make this a permanent feature support their Windows 10.

Microsoft generate Windows 10 bug dashboard |
Image Courtesy: mspoweruser

They explain this feature to creating the dashboard which admin can easily look up the current issues with the operating system, around the work Microsoft fix all of them.

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Beside of that Microsoft also fix such as recent issues in Outlook for Windows here is the page.

Susan Bradley is a computer network and security consultant, who also modest the mailing list.

Also said, I just go to this page and see if something happening with the office 365 is just for me or another side everybody is seeing the same thing if I want to find something is the capable issue with Windows 10.

I have appreciated through changes the monitor of these pages, just listing two different support documents for one such known issue.

Hopefully, Microsoft has not said when the dashboard will arise, but when it does should exit us, all better informed is the end.

Video Courtesy: The Verge


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