Microsoft calls for better facial-recognition features |

Microsoft calls for better facial-recognition features

Surprisingly, Microsoft is joining face-recognition technology.

The software giant Microsoft first tech company to make such an impudent call to the government use the limited type of technology, In the company’s blog post published today by the president Brad Smith.

Also the blog post “The facial-recognition technology boosts issue over the heart fundamental human right protections like freedom of expression and mostly privacy.”

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“The only efficient way to manage the use of technology by the government rules and regulation manage this use itself.

And if there are excited to know how a technology will be deployed more widely across the whole society, the only way recognize this board use is for the government to do so.”

Uber use the company’s technology to verify driver identify and Microsoft is a leader of the facial recognition software.

But now Microsoft’s technology too much distance from the industry. The photographer is using the stupid tool of the Windows 10 facial recognition feature.

It’s also interesting to note that whereas Smith’s blog post about the large companies, the smaller activities tech companies and group for a long time spending facial recognition feature.

Actually Smith a little bit removed from real matters of how far the face-recognition technology has come.

The imagine base world reader, always government track over last past month where people have walked without permission.

That happened in across the United States and also Orlando that used Amazon’s deep learning technology for better identification, in this identifying process almost every single face in a crowd.

Eventually, Smith imagination image of the shopping malls using the face-recognition technology he can share information about consumer shopping habits.

While the exact incident hasn’t happened, it is remindful of Orange Country malls that secretly collecting license plate data for migration and custom constraint in Microsoft partnerships.

Also, according to his blog post how these situations have long time stuff of science-fiction and the popular movies like Minority Report and another surveillance examples as irony.

But the large technology company removed what tech is already doing today.

Moreover, this is the national level of good step for the larger technology company clearly still do the lot of work. Maybe Smith should have publishing his blog post what people already have been doing in their life.

At least, Microsoft did not say anything beyond Smith’s blog post.


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