Lifesum can make your health more dietary and now it can use on Google Assistant, as well as you might be able with Google Assistant to make this process easier.

The LifeSum comes to tracking Assistant. And you can get started to adding your account into Lifesum. The Assistant functionality is just simple.

After complete all of authorizing to Google and share data with Lifesum, you can naturally say “talk to Lifesum” at any moment log items.

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Unluckily, you can’t add individual food items, but you can generally add meals, like a “small breakfast.” Also, Lifesum says that it creating the framework of the meals in your account, you can easily go back after logging in Lifesum.

Beside of that Lifesum also supports tracking water intake, and you can get this completely from Assistant. Just casually tell the how much water you drank.

The other hand you can check your weight using Lifesum on Assistant. When speaking to the app just instantly tell the current weight to add data to your account.

In the case of the mobile app, you can set a goal to depend on your challenges. Those kind of challenges are convenient from Assistant, just ask for a challenge or daily routine. The Lifesum’s Assistant activity in only in English for now.

Source: LifeSum



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