It’s officially LG’s flagship smartphone will coming, the LG V40 has exciting three cameras on the back side and front side two.

Although the official declaration of the phone is due Oct. 3, also the company released some of the details about the phone- with share some photos and video on Korean website.

Engagingly, though the cameras are featured famously in all these promo materials, hopefully, LG hasn’t released their specification.

LG V40 really comes with five cameras |
Image Courtesy: LG

We just find out something about the phone like screen: it’ll be 6.4-inches. And the phone will be the same width as its 6-inch forerunner, the company says it increased the screen size within the same aspect by diminishing the size of the bezels.

Surprisingly the phone will be available in three colors like red, grey, and blue, we get the three colors variants promo video.

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According to the company says, the phone rear glass complete “silky feel”, you can feel into the softness promo video. LG says this method should also obstruct scratches.

The other word the model estimable of notching with flash and laser sensor attach, also round fingerprint sensor on the back, hopefully the front of the images isn’t showing in the video, but report and leaked images show that this model has a notch on the top and small of area but perceptible bezel on the bottom.

LG continuously leaks a little bit of info before core phone launches, so we expect next week comes with a big deal.

Video Courtesy: LG Electronics Korea


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