LG recently plans to sell big-screen TVs upcoming 2019 that can be rolled out like a poster, the company dealing with this business besides of smartphone business.

The LG envisioned 65-inch TVs will revoke automatically at a touch of a button like a garage door, the screen of the TV sport organic light-emitting diode or OLED screens, which can easily produce crisper images and fold it more easily like a traditional LCD or liquid-crystal display panels.

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LG TV continuing on so-called “rollable” and OLED televisions which is easily renew consumers electronic business that can grasp with the price of decline and stiffening to the Chinese competition.

The South Korean compound is shedding workers to refocus to the future technologies, as a flexible display. A paradigm of the television displayed at the LG’s research center and rolled out into a box when not in use.

Earlier this year the company rollable screen technology but 2019 will mark it’s as a first commercial release in TVs.

According to the data tracker Statista, the OLED TVs are captured the market amount just 1.1% in this year, wherever, LCDs claims 98%. Also, from the report, the unit of shipments of OLED TVs are growing its projects 70% in next year, like 2.35 million to 4 million this year.

Beside of that LG also preparing for fifth-generation or 5G wireless technology, which is expected to change the revolution of the mobile industry, as well as gadgets of home appliances and cars.

Also, LG will probably reveal its first 5G technology smartphone next year in Mobile World Congress. Another side the US telecommunications giant Sprint Corp. announces in August it’s working with LG to manufacture a device that can runs on 5G technology to the US first half.

Wherever Apple Inc. plans to hold its 5G iPhone at least 2020, but Samsung Electronics Co. is planning to release next year after announcing three versions of its new flagship, the other hand Samsung also said scrollable and stretchable screens that ultimately go into smartphones.

Hopefully, Samsung, LG has no plans to announce next year a phone that “foldable” screens, another side from the report the company doubts for the profitability on such kind of product demand and the cost of producing as a large screen for mobile gadgets.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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