A couple of Apple users have been facing occur situation on their Apple ID accounts it just shows locked.

Naturally, this would happen, someone, when efforts to access an ID with an incorrect password too many times, but that’s not happening here. It’s totally unclear to consumers why Apple’s system lock to people accounts.

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But if that really happens for the company then it will require you to reset your password. It’s an trouble, thankfully you aren’t permanently locked out of your account.

iPhone users facing Apple ID account locked issue | roboticplanet.co
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You’ll immediately know if you’re affected because of iOS in present moment then it will alert in Settings and that also says some Apple ID settings must be updated. Beside of that, you can access iCloud, iMessage and Apple Music if you aren’t a verify Apple users.

Primarily, when you see that screen in Settings you have also re-entered your password, but at that moment your account may actually be frozen, so basically you’ll need to reset your password.

It’s possible that this result of efforts by a guy who knows what unscrupulous group of people to brute-force hack at the same time many of Apple ID’s, but on the matter, this is just potent as the company hasn’t released any official word. It’s also primarily reasonable that it’s just a weird bug in the Apple systems.

Some of the people have reported of login issue ever and they set up a new iOS device, and this is the main fault of Apple ID locks.

Currently, impossible to say how many people are exactly affected by the situation, because there are lots of report on social media, so it’s not saying easy. Hopefully, Apple will choose the comment at some of the point and fix it soon.

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