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iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 taking speed and camera upgrades, says the report

We don’t a long time to wait for the Apple 2018 iPhone, and a new report repeats a lot of gossips we’ve heard so far- in this time the three model on the way with extremely boost of performance and extraordinary capabilities of the rear cameras.

According to the Bloomberg, the new models come with 5.8-inch OLED display and 6.1-inch LCD phone.

All three phones are looking at iPhone X design, with Face ID including Touch ID for unlocking and it’s all feature internally ungraded, although Bloomberg doesn’t have clear details on specification.

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What have the three models of iPhones are called? eventually, there’s still debate about this kind of topic what’s the name of iPhones something like iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus or another named of this kind of Apple products.

More about the next year

The iPhone 6.1-inch sound like cheaper take a page from the iPhone 5C book and it comes with a variety of colors, and body of this model aluminum rather than stainless steel edges that help separate it from the two more expensive OLED models that released in 2018.

According to the report hint, Apple is attentive on pushing of its higher prices top-end iPhones, so naturally, you might have to pay more than £999/$999 for starting cost of the iPhone X.

Also, more creative changes are coming to the iPhones in 2019, this year is an “S” year for a minor upgrade for some of the people inside of Apple.

At least, Bloomberg story also forecast that a new Apple Watch with a larger edge-to-edge display on the way, such as an updated iPad Pros with 12.9-inch and 11-inch displays. Waiting for the Apple September event I think all the details about iPhones must clear.

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