Intel Foveros isn’t the name of a new chip, actually, its better than the technology that will continuously allow to chip manufacturer making vertical chip components, the improvement to making device speed without wait for a couple of time like 10mm chip can change whole users experience.

In other hands, Foveros will be capable with all sorts chips of each part of a device like CPU, memory, and other components, the company without worrying individually manufacturing technology.

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In this kind of chip “package-on-package” (PoP) tech sounds usable because we already have with PoP design model of our smartphones.

Intel revealed new Foveros 3D |
Image Courtesy: Intel

Moreover, Intel isn’t adjusting PoP quality from smartphone to PC. In the case of phone and tablets are combined with processors with memory, actually its linking two hundreds of connections. Intel Foveros 3D chips will use silicon to improve the bunch of interconnection speed.

According to the Intel’s chief of chip architecture Raja Koduri told Reuters, “the 3D technology Foveros tech has been in development around two decades and we’re continuously working it closely 20 years and we’re facing some of the physics issues that solve using logic to logic.

In case of making full 10 mm chips for CPU and other components, Foveros 3D amassing Intel mix and match many devices base chip components.

Intel also uses 10 mm high-performance CPU cores altogether with USB and Wi-Fi, Ethernet and PCI elements that can be built with 14mm or 22mm processes.

Intel would heap these various chip for their future designs. The low-power elements like I/O and the power production would die, whenever the high-performance logic would be stacked.

The first chips will arrive probable second half of 2019 and the first product will come with computer logic an Intel 22FFL (FinFET Low Power) process die and PoP memory.

The new 10mm chipset will have a brand new name called new Sunny Cove high power core, along with four Atom cores processor that will maintain light workloads.

If this architecture processor sounds familiar base that because it’s we’re seeing in ARM processors on mobile devices. The new Foveros processor would evaluate 12 x 12 x 1mm and need for 2mW of standby power with targeting ultra-mobile devices.

Intel revealed new Foveros 3D |
Image Courtesy: Intel

Now at this moment, it’s unclear that what devices will be supported to new Intel architecture base process. But another side The Verge also explain everything, from a mobile device to the data center with Foveros processor feature.

According to The Verge, Intel also exposes a new Gen11 integrated graphics card that also designed to break the 1TFLOPS barrier, including DDR, PCIe, USB, and SATA.

At the same time recently Qualcomm announced a new ARM platform individual designed for Windows 10 devices, the new Qualcomm 7mm Snapdragon 8cx that will struggle directly with some Intel’s existing chips with 3D Foveros.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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