Intel making artificial intelligence chip with Facebook and release next year |

Intel making artificial intelligence chip with Facebook

On Monday the Intel Corporation said on an Electronic Shows at Las Vegas that it is working with Facebook and finish the chip of artificial intelligence chip in the second half of this year.

Actually, the chips are Intel’s gambit to hold of a fast-growing segment of the artificial intelligence computing market and also it will face the competition from similar chips Nvidia Corp and

The Intel chips will help with researchers call interface, as well as which is taking the artificial intelligence algorithm and putting it to use.

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Nowadays Intel’s processors control the market with its machine learning interface, which is easily analysts the market demand of $11.8 billion in 2021. Another side in September, Nvidia also launch its own chips to compete with Intel processor.

Besides that Amazon also said it had manufactured an inference chip in November. Amazon’s chips can’t compete to Intel or Nvidia, because it will not be selling the chips. Amazon sells the service to its could customer and adopts the chip starting next year.

On Monday Consumer Electronics shows Intel explain that Dell Technologies Inc will be a next-generation processor of XPS laptops models. The 10-nanometer chips have been integrated into this laptop.

Intel chief in data center Navin Shenoy said the next chips will be available in laptops by 2019 holiday shopping sale.

Also Amnon Shashua head of Intel’s self-driving car said at the conference that Mobileye mapped out of the all-Japan using the camera that was already implanted in vehicles that produce by Nissan Motor Co Ltd.

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