The new Intel Core i7-9700K and i9-9900K have a preorder on European retailers, fueling portent that the release on the right time.

We earlier announced that leaked Intel roadmap which is pointed to the Core i5, i7 and i9 Coffee leak-S models that may be launching October 1.

According to the Wccftech, the CentralPoint that the posted earlier time, and said it would be getting stock on September 7.  Though the report sure that it appears back up that October 1 release date.

The new Core i9-9900K is being listed on Dutch Computer Center at the Netherlands for the price $652, which would be similar to our expected Core i9 pricing cost.

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This is probably placeholder price, although, we’ll see what the Intel official price range when Intel actually released these next-generation processors.

Intel is again

What we want to know that what’s the 9th-generation processor. We’ve only seen before about the processor solid information that is high-end parts.

With some kind of shaky leaks and presage guide in our hand when it comes with a Core i5 and i3 version.

Some of the low-end processors that Intel did not show up on a leaked microcode revision, but this kind of new Intel wasn’t published directly.

Beside that October 1 is coming fast, so we’ll rectify any kind of information it is accurate or another.

We hope that the pricing at least to change. Optimistically Intel will maintain to the mid-range as well another companies processor like Ryzen 2nd Generation that is the unappeasable competition these days.




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