Instagram will tell you “caught up” option arrive when you stop scrolling 

Instagram will tell you “caught up” option arrive when you stop scrolling |

Instagram really wishes you to like its algorithm.

Last two days the company rolling a new feature when you appreciate it.

The Instagram message testing has been work for a few weeks, and now its publically acceptable after they’ve view last two days news post from their feed.

According to the company’s announcement with a message “we’ve heard but it can be difficult to keep on the track of your seen post.” You’ll have to better understand to identify your own news feed, you haven’t missed recent photos and videos.

The Instagram speak- we know nowadays a lot of users still hate out the algorithm, but you won’t have to worry about missing out. The company confirmed the message will appear that you are seen to your new post when everyone you follow, most of the time isn’t showing that algorithm.

This update feels happy to the users who are unhappy with the Instagram chronological and algorithm. Most of the chief complaints that “missing posts”, portable it’s not coming again, it also appeared in their own feeds.

Now, at least the app will tell you when it’s safe to stop scrolling.

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