The stories of Instagram all about mysterious. Recently the app added “Superzoom” effect to the camera portion.

In this new feature you need a refresh your mindset, Superzoom is the camera feature, which also works for Boomerang and other effects, that creates three-second zoomed-in videos, also the sound effects and animations.

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The other word meme-worthy feature has been in the app last year October, and as soon encouraged a crop ludicrously adorable dog memes.

But now this time the popular feature is getting an upgrade with its six new various effects like a heart-filled fog with cheesy music, paparazzi-like camera flashes, flames, and another big red x.

Besides of that, there’s also an emoji looking animation called “bummer,” this feature color black that falling against a gloomy soundtrack.

Instagram recently adds new 6 meme-worthy Superzoom effects |

Hopefully, now the update isn’t live for everyone, actually it’s the new Instagram features. But the Instagram spokesperson said that the new effects should available to everyone in the future.

Video Courtesy: Mashable


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