Now you can see exactly how much time spend your friends on Instagram.

Thursday Instagram declared a new feature that will let your followers see when you’re using the app. The whole concept simply clear, it’s just similar to the Facebook Messanger.

In Messenger when someone follows or have earlier messaged with, is “active” in the app, also Instagram will show a small green bubble next to your name it just shows you are online.

Instagram explained that the goal of the feature that makes it easier for users to chat within the app confidently.

The company wrote a blog post that “this update gives you the ability to have more real-time conversations felling, whereas giving you the control to completely hide your status.

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But another side while you chatting a little more in an immediate moment, it may also push users to spend even more time in the app.

Already Instagram users swap a ton of messages, and adding these status indicators will primarily inspire more messaging.

Instagram’s CEO has said the features to fight the tech addition and promise that user’s time in the app in positive and intended.

If this all sounds a little scary to you, so don’t worry, it also another option to turn off the feature.

Just simply go to “activity status” in the app main settings to disable activity status (when it disabled, you won’t be able to see which friends are online now).



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