Snapchat may be detached from Instagram with some of the important teen users.

According to the research from Pieper Jaffray, the social media platform Instagram is the most popular media platform for among teens.

Facebook-owned platform Instagram slowly gaining audience over Snapchat, at least per month eight-five present of teens touch with Instagram besides of Snapchat users.

The two most popular app Snapchat and the Instagram favorite for teens stock and first time Instagram has the cross Snapchat ranking. Although the two apps have consistently ranked at the top position on teens eyes, Snapchat has been slightly more popular since 2016.

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Actually, it’s not like any bad news for Snapchat, engrossingly the same report found and Snapchat had a substantial advantage with teens. According to the survey report, 46 percent of teen’s favorite platform compared with 32 percent of Instagram.

The among of teens users would be worried about the company, which is already concerned with the unpopular redesign. If Snapchat is losing with teens users then it’s one of the most important populations, so it would be a serious position for the company.

Nowadays Instagram is the most popular for teens but now Facebook is still wildly unpopular. Once a month 36 percent of teens using the social network and 5 percent rated their favorite platform.

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