According to the Instagram that some of the people are having trouble with accessing their Instagram accounts and that’s why it is ongoing investigating the ‘issue’, hundreds of users lose to access their accounts.

It the recent day from a blog post hundreds of accounts have been hacked.

The company did not comment on how many accounts have been pretentious, but its latest statements suggest that it is universal.

Tuesday evening the company published a blog post and encouraged users to revisit their security settings and enable two-factor authentication way on their accounts.

Instagram also says it will be improving with 2FA setting, an earlier it updates established last month. Now Instagram replies to its text messages for 2FA, which is the lower secure methods that use an authenticator app.

Some of the users have to confuse about their account hacked or not after the 2FA enable. Also, the company says, “now we’re working our core two-factor utility with share more soon.”

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This tight security setting won’t help those who have already lost their accounts, more than 100 users accounts have been hacked but most of whom have had little fortune restitution access through Instagram’s support system.

In these cases, the company says users who have the touch to Instagram support they will get a response soon.

According to Instagram “we have steadfast teams helping people to secure their account from hackers, whether you have detached from your account, you will connect to our team soon.”

Still, the main source of hacker is unclear, but the appears manifested to surge earlier this month.

There have been hundreds of reports about hacking accounts on the social media start of August, many of the users reported email address with the .ru domain are linked and that’s the mains ways of hacking, they users realize after they lose their accounts.

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