The messaging platform Instagram is now clear the inappropriate content, according to Instagram, the company reducing the spread of posts that are unsuitable but do not go against the company’s Community Guidelines.

That means if you have posted is sexually indecent but doesn’t depict a sex act or nudity, it could still get downgraded.

Likewise, if a meme doesn’t compose hate speech or harassment, but this is studied in bad taste, violent, lewd and hurtful.

Especially, the company says that this type of content is harmful to the broader community in Explore or hashtag pages, which could seriously hurt the new followers on Instagram. Besides that, the safeguard of Facebook revealed “Integrity” at an event of the company’s headquarters Menlo Park.

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The other hand, Instagram’s product lead of Discovery, Will Ruben also explain “we’re already starting to use machine learning to judge if the actual media posted is suitable to be recommended to our community.

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While Instagram is training its content moderators to the label of borderline when people are hunting about the policy and the company then focus on the algorithm to rectify that identity.

According to Facebook’s Henry Silverman just explained, the content just nearly to the Facebook Community and which point we’d remove it, actually the main matter its gets more and more engagement. So it’s nothing too unique about Facebook, it’s just human nature.

The Facebook’s head of News Feed Integrity, Tessa Lyons said, the edge content policy focus to neutralize this inducement to the policy line, its just because something is allowed on our apps that doesn’t mean it should show up to the News Feed that recommended or able to be advertised.

This all just makes sense when it comes with clickbait, or false news and harassment, which probably wants on Facebook and Instagram. But in case of sexualized but not definite content that has long been unreserved and in fact popular on Instagram, as well as memes or jokes might offend some people despite not being offensive.

Actually, this is just an important step up of censorship by Facebook and Instagram.

However, creators currently have no guideline about what constructs borderline content, so basically, there’s nothing in Instagram’s rules or terms and conditions that mention non-recommendable content or what qualifies.

This is just information of Instagram that sharing at today’s event, also the company specific that violent on shocking/graphics, sexually suggestive, misinformation and spam content.

Via: TechCrunch


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