Make sure you didn’t forget that Facebook owns Instagram.

That the similar fact provides extra of today following the news and 50 million Facebook users, and probably 90 million, by chance their accounts accessed by hackers. The Instagram accounts could have been adjusted too.

You can easily access your Instagram account with your Facebook account and the other side if your Facebook account logs into your Instagram account, actually, it’s easy to access your account for hackers.

Your Instagram account may have been adjustable by the hacker |

According to the Krebs on Security, It’s not just hacked specifically, but in case of Instagram account unprotected. Probably every third-party service that use to log in with susceptible Facebook.

Like Tinder, Uber and many more.

Guy Rosen Facebook’s VP of product management as committed to the statement.

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Significantly, now the company doesn’t have any proof that hackers achieve to access Instagram accounts, But you don’t think everything chill. The other side Facebook continuously refresh its official statement on a conference, the research is now its early stages.

That means, there’s a lot of hacks that the company doesn’t know. It’s really hopeless.

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