Apple existed to announced in this summer has a successful gift for consumers. The new iPhones coming in September.

Apple is widely expected to explore the three new iPhones, the new iPhone X much popular with feature and security. The iPhones model comes with a gorgeous larger 6.5 inch and 6.1-inch display model with a price range under $1,000.

This is the beginning range of $1,000 iPhone? Actually, don’t count it. As with the variety of thing, we’ll pay for this item.

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A lot of things different, but mostly key between the upcoming 6.1-inch and the iPhone X and 6.5-inch the iPhone X plus with the display.

One of the reasons for the iPhone X is too pricey that because of the custom OLED display. In this designed categories unlike to use Super AMOLED display in Apple and Samsung brand, but Samsung’s used AMOLED display to own Galaxy phones.

The Apple iPhone X’s OLED screen has a looking of edge to edge display has a flexible design to backward internally to stretch the screen. The main motto of the iPhone X doesn’t have a “chin” below the screen like too many of the Android phones are used it.

The advantage of the OLED screen higher brightness, deeper blacks, richer color and also increasing the range of power efficiency.

The iPhone X released last November, and this the best-selling iPhone because of wonderful feature and gorgeous OLED display, security and so on. But many people don’t buy this product because of that expensive.

Why Apple expected to sell 6.1-in iPhone for the under of $1, 000, but in another hand the similarly same price $700 of iPhone 8 or $800 of iPhone 8 Plus.

In case of iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus used same regular LCD display in 6.1- inch iPhones, But the OLED screen of the particular iPhones isn’t shoutable in the same price range. At least won’t benefit from the OLED display which can more expensive in this criteria.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Many analysts strongly believe that Apple request, more of LCD-based iPhone than the OLED screen display phone provide the supplier from the production.

In a lower price range, consumers are kicking to start the “super cycle” of the iPhones device, probably the sales users upgrade old iPhone to new iPhones, but it’s not possible.

Apply truly expected that more of people buy the LCD-based iPhones over the more expensive iPhone X, with announced of the iPhone X Plus.

The display won’t just the difference of the LCD iPhones, but also two other different things of the iPhones.

The first one virtually looks at the identity of the front side. The second one the notch and edge to edge screens of the materials body part used that can build the different structure.

In this year you won’t spend $1,000 for your new iPhones |

The iPhone x and iPhone X Plus comes with the stainless steel frame with the dual rear cameras. Moreover, the iPhones have less of the premium aluminum frame with a single rear camera. And mostly it’s supported wireless charging.

Another thing headphones, don’t count for the headphones jack, it’s never coming back. Seriously is the mysterious ideas.

In this year you won’t spend $1,000 for your new iPhones |

Why $1,000 iPhone X is too much expensive, I think it’s worth of money but I’m wrong, everyone can afford it.

Actually, we all want the Face ID lock and wonderful Memoji that can crush the situation, but if you go through the same feature iPhones, Apple respect the customer demand and a cheaper iPhone X seem to way to go.

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