The most popular company Uber now create some different kinds of food delivery apps, like a game. The apps driver pickup food form the restaurant and put into anywhere like car home and more, in front of your doorbell full bag of dinner ready.

In this week Uber Elevate Asia Pacific reveal in Japan, the company set a delivery team for food delivery, that’s called Uber ’s drone team, the Uber Elevate will manage to the flying car service, as a UberAir drive, in this way provide faster, cheaper and more trusty food deliveries.

Uber also talking to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration about UberAir, so Uber’s drone project would hopefully fit into those conversations.

The company’s Elevate has tried to some of the drone flight in San Diego, which basically the pilot program for urban drone delivery place.

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According to the new survey from SimilarWeb, Uber is the trending every year and its app has been downloaded more times than competitors on Android devices in the past year.

UberEats deliver your favorite food |

Besides of that Uber says it has growth $6 billion in booking across 293 cities globally, with the most growth ensuing in its Asia/Pacific market. In the case of India and Japan, Uber has made neighborhoods before ride-hailing services.

There’s no word about Uber food deliveries will come at you throughout the clutches of a drone, but if Amazon Prime Air’s embattled dream of delivering your packages via drone is any indication, but Uber Elevate could face a lot of inspection and pushback in this journey.

Moreover, IBM recently released coffee-delivery drone patent to keep your drone dreams alive.

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