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I want new iPhone but Apple confused to tell me of new iPhone models

It naturally loves with iPhone 6s and the device some of the last great iPhone out of there with a headphone jack. It can provide the best experience for the last three years. It’s run faster because of iOS 12 the beta version, it did on iOS 11.

But at the moment, I’m going to have to go to let this lot of workhorse go. The main issue in this battery, though its fresh one installed, today’s modern hunger apps and service can crush it down. It likes to be half at the time to carry across work.

It’s attached to an external battery, like to be an iron man, I accept to jealous of the iPhone X owner who manages a whole day with a single charge and doesn’t always need to remember to take a battery when they leave the house.

The Apple event when Tim Cook introducing new iPhone models. I understood all of the iPhone models which is updated chips and cameras, also the fact of the iPhones hasn’t headphone jack and soon it’s invisible.

So Apple fans make sure to pick up Bluetooth headphones for your new iPhones. Also, I have an option of wired headphones without needing a dongle.

Surprisingly, the iPhones model comes with various names like iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR and the most confusing fact which iPhone should I buy.

According to Apple, who brought the same kind of polished product that is included everything, it’s like the poor job of different products with approximately similar specs and widely different prices.

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The confusing fact about XR that looking great, if you would like explain as the budget of the next generation phone if it weren’t ridiculously to call a $749 of the price.

Besides of that, the XR is #150 cheaper than the XS, also both the devices are powered by the same superfast chips. The A 12 Bionic chips with a next-generation neural engine.

The screen size of the XR model is 6.1-inches, which is really larger than its more costly than XS in at 5.8 inches, although at 6.5 inches, which is the main difference.

The specification of camera of XS is 12-megapixel with dual camera, and another side the XR has a 12-megapixel single camera, but in case of Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller went out of his show that the picture was taken on the XR look like extremely cool pictures that taken on the XS, so thanks to the image processing abilities of that chip.

Apple confused to tell me of new iPhone models |
Image Courtesy: Apple

So why would I buy the pricier version of the model?

Back in the earlier day, it was delightful clear when a budget of iPhone. So look at the iPhone 5C:  definitely smaller, cheaper and cheerful that dedicated in the bright colors, it probably best to buy for a teenage kid.

But who is the planning of XR and XS? There’s also the same size with two colors available like Silver and Space Grey. Also, you can get in XR in yellow, red, coral and XS in Gold.

You can get a 128GB version of XR, but not like the XS. You can only get a 256GB version of the XS but not to XR.

It’s similar to be difference lie in this scenario material and screen style. The XR model is aluminum, whereas the other side the XS is stainless steel or another material called surgical grade stainless steel, but besides of that what the missing of the iPhone customer should care.

The surgical grade just makes any devices medical profession. Not many of us are taking our phones into the operation zone.

The screen of XS in OLED. And the other side XR screen is LCD. Make sure remembering both are the device difference kind of two technologies aspect that difficult enough without the Apple leveling on its own marketing terms.

The display quality “Super Retina HD” and “Liquid Retina HD” individually LCD is a mediocre display technology with little pixels and lower contrast ratio, that means Liquid Retina kind of cooler than Super Retina.

The XR deficits 3D Touch, or Force Touch, which makes at least my phone is inferior.

In the overfill and development smartphone market, actually making it a clear difference between another has been never more important. More upgrades are accumulative.

Some step of the backward. More consumers are holding on to their old phones. According to the UK inspection, last year the ordinary time taken to replace a smartphone has spat from 20 months to 29 months.

To understand why we should upgrade, and why Apple now need to a special struggle to clear about a new product that will suit you.

In this moments under the world’s highlight, they need to remove jumble. It likes to odd to tell of the house that built Steve Jobs it needs to become more conservative, but that’s where we’re it.

No such kind of proper clarity was impending at this all-important roll-out in this moment, just containerful of jargon. Apple Store just describes these kinds of differences over and over for the holiday season.

I’m looking forward to the full of reviews of new iPhones devices. However, I’ll be sitting back with my older iPhone model.

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