If you’re searching most efficiency Android apps on the Internet. So, I’ll help you to share Top 10 productivity Android apps which is much popular in 2019.

Android apps are the most powerful and useful to manage your daily basis tasks.

If you’re a student you just finding some Android apps that help to complete your school/college homework.

Alongside, you’re are a professional worker then essential Android apps can help you to your working industry.

In short, Android apps are really productivity to help your day to day daily tasks, as like as Google’s product Google Assistant.

Which type of Android apps that you prefer on your Android smartphone that depends on you.

Because of million Android apps are also available in the Google Play Store.

If you want the most useful Android apps, so read this blog post at the end, I just share the most valuable Android apps for you.

top 10 popular productivity Android apps 

Android apps are always beneficial for everyone that’s way million of Android apps are available on the Google Play store.

Some free and some of paid, but the free version of Android apps not to useless.

Actually, the free version of Android apps is more relevant to provide the extra facility to consumers.

But paid Android apps also more efficient to provide some extra feature to consumers.

The Android apps are the various category, like Security apps, Art & Design apps, Communication apps, Business apps, Education apps and more.

You also check out here for more details about Android apps.

Now, this is time to explain the top 10 highest popular productivity Android apps.

1. Google Pay

In my first suggestion of the Andriod app is Google Pay.

We’re living in Digital Country we’re using a smartphone, computer and access internet, and more digitally products.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

In this generation people become smart, they are leading their digital lifestyle by using the essential product.

And use online shopping on Amazon and Flipkart, the most famous trusted online shopping platforms.

Google Pay is a digital wallet developed by Google. In this app essentially payment app, you can pay your electric bill, mobile recharge, bank transfer and more.

In short, Google Pay is one app to solve your various problem.

In Google Play Store many of payment apps are available, but why I choose Google Pay?

We know Google is a search engine giant, it’ll show all of your queries in the search result. alongside, we know about the security of Google.

First of all Google search engine is widely popular for its security beside Apple. And Google Pay is developed by Google, so make sure we easily trust our payment details.

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Not only that Google Pay also offers double security layer option, so you can easily protect your password form hacker.

Also, it offers referral code, you can send your referral code to your friends and get money.

Actually, I just use Google Pay for a couple of months and it’s really helpful for me.

You also install Google Pay from here and securing your payment transaction method.

2. Google Find My Device:

We’re really caring about our electronic gadgets, we never miss our gadgets like Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Watch and more.

If your favorite gadget is missing or stolen somewhere, what to do those time?

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

I don’t know what’s about your reaction but I become madly for my favorite products.

But Google Find My Device can help you to find your favorite products.

Yes, this is true, but you also follow some guidelines.

Make sure on your smartphone/tablet or watch is installed Google Find My Device app with allowing location option.

If you’re really disturbed to this process to make sure following here.

In my opinion, Google Find My Device app is really helpful to find your lost smartphone and other accessories.

I always use Google Find My Device app in my smartphone, if you have Google Find My Device app in your devices that are great.

But if you aren’t, then install from here.

3. Google Maps:

I think Google Map already pre-installed on every smartphone, in case it’s not installed to your devices, you can install from here.

When I’m going to a new place without the proper address, I become frustrated to find the correct address.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

Google Maps genuinely help me to find the proper address with the direction of those areas.

It’s really valuable for everyone who is facing the same problem as me.

It helps you to find your specific area in a various way. I share some of the features that Google Maps can do for you.

  • Transparent Direction
  • Creating a Map
  • Finding your location
  • Setting routes
  • Location sharing
  • Getting traffic information

And many more features also Google Maps provide.

In short, Google Maps is one place to find anywhere at a glance.

4. Google Assistant

The digital assistant is an essential part of every smartphone, it can support you in every angle with your voice command.

Nowadays the tech companies always improving AI technology to fulfill consumer desire.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

As well as Google always improving AI technology and release Google Assistant with its every product like Smartphone, Google Home, Watch and Car.

Here are some of the features that Google Assistant offer to everyone.

  • Booking a Ride
  • Track to Google Maps via Google Assistant
  • Booking a restaurant table via Google Assistant
  • Take a call

Not only that Google Assistant also offers a lot more.

I just think Google Assistant is the god of AI. Although, I’m not sure about it.

But the features of Google Assistant and AI improvement really satisfied me.

Alongside Apple Assistant “Siri” and Microsoft Assistant “Cortana”, Google Assistant is the winner of the valuable user-friendly digital assistant.

You can easily install Google Assistant from here.

5. Linkedin

If you’re working in corporate areas or doing Blogging like me, you also know about Linkedin.

Linkedin is a professional area where people wants to build their well-qualified profile and grow their business by sharing knowledge with the audience.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

Make sure to check out my Linkedin profile.

At a glance, Linkedin is a business and employment oriented service app.

In Linkedin, you can find professional companies employees, their details and update with latest trends about the particular company’s products.

Another benefit of Linkedin is a job seeker and job posting platform, you can easily get a handsome job from it.

But practically, if you’re a beginner or fresher then I do not recommend Linkedin best for you.

Go and find some job posting apps like Indeed, Times Job and more.

Linkedin is an expert and experienced employees platform where people want to find qualified employees.

You must share your qualification and popular in Linkedin, you can install Linkedin from here and grow to make a brand online.

6. Evernote

Evernote is an online note application to save your essential class note to professional note during your office tasks.

This application I’m using a daily basis to save note during my office time.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

It has multiple features to syncing your multiple devices like smartphone and laptop or desktop.

When you’re writing some note doing your office work and after a couple of time you just feel you’re doing mistake into your note.

Then you can easily edit those note on your smartphone.

Open Evernote with same Email ID and confidently edit whatever you want.

If you can install Evernote from here and focus on your work.

Surprisingly this app also available to every device and I just comfortably use Evernote with professional and personal work.

I just personally use this app to manage my whole day tasks with full of focus.

If you really caring about your work then I just strongly suggest you use this app and focus on your essential work.

7. Spotify

We feel from music relief and relax during the heavy work.

We listen to music all the time probably on offline or online.

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But, in the current days, people become modern, nowadays if you’re listening to offline music then people say about you, you’re backdated.

I think you don’t deserve it.

Also, I’m not saying offline music listener is backdated.

But people think about the offline listener, they are staying with old culture.

Spotify is an online music streaming platform, with its vast majority of consumer the company always growing its customers base.

Along with Spotify, a bunch of online music streaming companies is available, but Spotify is totally different.

The unique design and quality of music is the secret strategy of online music streaming platform.

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Honestly, Spotify is much famous for its unique design and quality of music.

Besides that, Spotify also offers much more facility to the listener, you can easily access your Spotify apps any electronic devices.

But make sure those devices are installed Spotify app with log in the same Email ID.

In my case, I just smoothly listen to my favorite music in the Spotify app and control it to multiple devices in one account.

You can see below, I access multiple devices.

Apple Music vs Spotify

However, I recommended using Spotify into your smartphone and any other devices.

You can install Spotify from here and feel the music smoothly.

And I’m sure after a week later you simply fan of this online music streaming app.

If Spotify satisfied you with its creative design and powerful music quality,

you can surely share with me your experience.

8. Abode Photoshop Express

Every photo editor knows about the graphics editing tool Adobe Photoshop.

If you don’t know about it I just simply explain. Adobe Photoshop is professional graphics editing software, used on Windows and macOS both devices.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

I think most of the photo editor also use Photoshop for making a perfect photo.

Probably you also use Adobe Photoshop for making a perfect photo in your professional work or personal.

The Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version of the photo editing tool developed by Adobe.

A bunch of features is available into the Adobe Photoshop Express. I also share below.

  • Basic: Crop, flip your photo, remove red-eye and more.
  • Auto-Fix: Adjust the contrast, exposure, and white balance.
  • Raw Photo support: It also supported RAW file.
  • Correction: Slide control for clarity, contrast, highlight shadow, tint, temperature and more.
  • Perspective Correction: Fix your skewed photos with vertical and horizontal.
  • Border: You can easily set 15 cm border around your photos.
  • Artistic Collages: You can set a professional looking Artistic Collages frame with a remarkable pop-color tool.
  • Advance Sharing options: You can share your photos

You can now install Adobe Photoshop Express from here and customize your every photo.

I think this app is more relevant for photo editing into your Android phone. Here you can see a lot more about the Adobe Photo Express tool.

9. Nova Launcher

You probably feel bored using one operating system in your Android phone from the beginning when you purchase.

In case of me, I’m always feeling bored using my old Android phone, its icon widgets looking the same from the beginning.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

If you also facing the same boring problem then I have a solution.

You also needed an Android app called “Nova Launcher”.

Nova Launcher is the one app you can change your Android phone look on your desire.

You can download Nova Launcher here.

Some of the most exceptional features can change your Android phone look, I just share some features below.

  • Custom Grid
  • Scrollable Dock
  • Scroll Effect
  • Infinity Scroll
  • Folder Icon
  • Backup/Restore
  • Gestures (Prime)
  • Hide Apps (Prime)
  • Icon Swipes (Prime)
  • Drawer Group (Prime)

I think Nova Launcher is an accurate app to change your Android phone looks. Here you can know more about Nova Launcher.

What you think about Nove Launcher, make sure knows me in the comment section.

10. Shareit

Shareit is basically a sharing app, you can share whatever your phone to another phone/PC without needed internet.

highest popular productivity android apps| roboticplanet.co

The Shareit app also shares photos, videos, documents, contacts, and apps.

In short, this app is really helpful to share one device with another device in just a few clicks.

Although, alternative apps of Shareit also available in the Google Play Store, I just personally use Shareit for most of the essential feature.

I can easily share any data from phone to PC instantly by using Shareit.

It is also very handy to use. Another thing it also supported 39 languages, it’s a very impressive facility to anyone can use.

I think you also try this app, click here to download and enjoy the sharing workable of the app.

Moreover, I share the top 10 most essential Andriod apps but some of the apps also supported iOS devices.

I think these top 10 efficiency apps are really helpful, and everyone uses these apps.

Also, which Android apps most of the time you use and which is most essential in your eyes, tell me in the comment section below.

If you any questing regarding my top 10 apps suggestion, you can feel free to comments me, I happily to reply to every comment.

In the end, if you think these top 10 essential Android apps suggestion is really valuable for you.

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