Hacker steal personal data from your social media database

If you’re the time-hop user, we’ve have got some of the really bad news.july 4 hacked says it reminded your past social media post on this app.

This Timehop says some of the 21 million users are affected by the data breach cases, which explore some of the personal information like names, email addressed, and also phone numbers.

According to the Timehop company’s blog post that although it is hacked wherever it was happening and able to interrupt it of the “data was taken.”

This hack case evidently, the company’s cloud computing account wasn’t protected by the advanced security like multi-factor authentication. Timehop says it’s beefed up when the critical situation will occur regarding the security matter.

Now’s a good time to remind you that set up a two-factor authentication, it also protects your data from any third-party apps and services.

Timehop says the key feature that used to link building your social media accounts through the notched app. As a result, the company’s logged the user id out of the reset keys. The user will need to log back all their accounts relink them.

The Timehop app never captures your credit card or any kind of personal financial data, location data and also IP address. The other things like it don’t store copies of your social media profiles, individual user information from social media content- we also delete our copies of your “memories after you’ve seen all those items.”

Apart from the former names, email, address, and also phone numbers. It will appear all other data is safe.

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Also, the blog post states “No private/direct messages, social media or financial data or photo content including the Timehop data were affected.”

Moreover, the company says about the social media posts that the covers any kind of data using third-party services you may have linked to Timehop, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Photos, Swarm Dropbox and more.

How to protect your phone number

There are also two ways to login into Timehop: with your phone number or Facebook account.

If you choose Facebook Id into the app then your phone number safe.

FB’s API wouldn’t have given a phone number to us, it not to allowed to use of a phone number to access anything like Rick Webb, the COO of Timehop confirmed over the email. “On top of that, the tokens were nullified before used.”

Moreover, if you choose to use the phone number as your sign-in, it will be riskier the hacker stolen your number and also you’ll want to take extra measures to protect it. The 9to5Mac notes, the ported number could be used to obtain 2FA codes for bank accounts purpose.

The Webb said, “Those who use a phone number as a login had their phone reconciled, but it is unconnected to their FB credentials.”

Also, Timehop says 21 million accounts that are affected by the hack, and 4.7 million of them have to use the phone number.

Should you be anxious

Even Timehop has increased its security facility, still, the swiped data could surface online. If you have any doubts to your account and also realize that your account affected, make sure you keep an eye out for any doubtful activity.

Timehop warns there’s good chance to stolen data from your personal database.

Moreover, if you don’t use Timehop, now’s it the best time to delete your account or de-authorize any connected social media accounts. Both sets are available in app’s settings page.



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