Google's phone app capture your spam calls |

Google’s phone app capture your spam calls 

Google have just another one reason to use its app that is better protection from spam calls.

The company’s phone app for android setting schedule automatically detect spam or genuine call, the even upcoming call is spam then its straightforward disable it and your phone never ever ring.

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This new app now has added filter suspected spam call into the setting option. When it enabled, distrusted calls will be straight routed to your phone’s voicemail box.

Also, you haven’t disturbed any spam call and your phone won’t ring also you won’t get a missed call notification.

In case the caller does leave a voicemail, you also won’t get a notification, although you have to capability to view missed calls and voicemails have been making sure use filtered.

Google already build their warning app about the suspected spam calls for sometimes use, but in this changing way, you can mute it automatically.

If you want to enable this feature make sure you have installed Google’s phone app (it also comes standard phone like Pixel, but now it also available some of the other phones, you’ll need to download it individually then following below steps.

Go to setting > Caller ID & Spam > Filter suspected spam calls.

Obviously, robocalls are getting more and more complicated, so Google may not able to catch all of the convicts.

But the app work advance level and capture phone numbers that may have made it through its systems so is easy to block your future calls.


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