The Google engineer’s how much time spends making elaborate Easter eggs as conflicting to actually doing what they’re presumed to? We’re guessing that the Google’s infinite service and products hold the remarkable amount of hidden stores which don’t assist any other purpose that we expect.

The latest amount of invention by the Reddit users attempt via RockPaperShotgun is a fully practical text adventure game, inside the Google Chrome browser, hidden development console inserted.

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If you launch the game then following some process, at first go Google search for “text adventure” in Chrome browser. After that press Control+Shif+PC (Windows users) or Cmd+Option+J (Mac users).

Instantly a console window will open with some following prompt, like “Would you like to play this game? (yes/no)”.

Google’s new Easter egg probably a secret text adventure game |
Image Courtesy: Google

If you aren’t usual with text adventures if you can choose another way for the game, which gives you a text description and responds typed commands like “flip switch” or “eat bread”.

This specific game turns you into a big letter G, who’s is the guy finding rest of the letters in “Google”.

Google’s new Easter egg probably a secret text adventure game |
Image Courtesy: Google

Actually, the game is just simple but not completely without profundity, which you will recognize when you first snatch a map and start investigating.

You are ready to play the game, so check some of other Google Easter eggs here. Also, Wikipedia has a quite extensive list. You can play other text adventures games like Hitchhiker’s and Zork, click here and enjoy it.

Video Courtesy: Mashable


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