This is the most trending question about Google’s annual hardware events, what’s the new product Google show off, but if there’s anything forget we haven’t seen yet.

The My Smart Price leaked the Google’s new pixel-branded tablet images, but another side continuously trending last few days. All of the leaked images that previous rumors and they appear with a real deal.

The new tablet continuously called “Pixel Slate,” that means this time Google in front of iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface, although it’s a standard looking tablet with detachable keyboard cover with stylish design front of another tablet.

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Surprisingly, it will run ChromeOS. Remember last year Google released Pixelbook, it looks like Pixel Slate with including Google Assistant, also the keyboard accessory arrives with dedicated key and stunning Assistant logo.

Last year Google’s device similar to the Pixelbook, and it’s widely priced $1,000 as a Chromebook. But the expensive Chromebook really impressive for the consumer, and the high price product hit on the market by the consumers.

On Tuesday, at New York event Google is reputedly planning to show off the new Pixel Slate beside of new Pixel 3.

Video Courtesy: Mashable


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