Google always respect their customers and sincerely protect customers data, that’s why Android become much popular platform around the world.

If the Android gets a reputation for sensitive data to the others apps then it will make people trust of Android phone.

This is whole secure process will continue to depend on the permission system and now Google has refined each app that ongoing on Android phones.

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Last year Google also announced that they would be restricted to the application which one access to call log and SMS permission. In this case, Google also controls the situation without getting the advice from any Android users.

As well as, Google says that the app’s developer has 90 days to update their apps otherwise the apps would be removed from the Google Play Store for violating the new policy.

This kind of changes is really unique because those applications that are allowed to stay will only have access the data as Android’s default apps, It may be stolen users data by using apps.

Google’s new policy also refers to apps owner that the phone and SMS access possible when the users can access those apps legally.

Google’s new policy will be change everything and secure users data respectfully, this week Google published a new article that also really matter to apps developer owners changes their app’s functionality. The article also reminds them that the company will remove apps that have not updated their functionality in the recent weeks.

Source: xda-developers


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