Google will remove the volume of end call beep after users request |

Google will remove the volume of end call beep after users request

There are many more version of the smartphone comes with Android and the community refer to “stock Android”. Some of believe that the stock Android is just vanilla Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code that Google released for public.

Another think stock Android like is anything that looks like AOSP. In a moment Google surely adds a bunch of features and optimization the core base of AOSP code and one thing that has been proper irritating is the beep that also plays after the end of a call.

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Actually, this is a feature but thankfully a delegate at Google and the company will probably reduce the volume of the beep in the future update.

If you recall back to last year, we had a bunch of complaint from the member of the community hearing a loud beep sound when the ended a phone call.

Same as it had something do on Snapchat application with its phone call permission. If you want to fix that bug then disable the Phone permission from the Snapchat application and resolve it.

So, when the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 owners facing a similar issue, they had a bunch of people reminding them about the particular bug.

It’s an interesting issue because there are people saying they haven’t ever installed Snapchat on their phone because they had sill the issue. One person said that disabling the issue with Microphone permission using Single private messenger app that fixed the issue, but it recurred the next day.

According to Google, the feature moves the way to a softer end call tone and it will release for an upcoming Pixel software update. Also, the company said “we are told that the end call tone will be changed to silent mode if the users have the device with “Silent mode.”

Many of people facing this bug issue and the user enable or disable this feature without the need to put into their phone in silent mode, but they have not admitted any of those requests.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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