You’ve turned off Location History on your phone and control your data privacy with share limit amount of data to the big tech companies. Well, it turns out Google may still tracking of your every movements and location.

On Monday, the AP investigation released some of the Google’s different services like users tracking every movement both of devices iPhone and Android phones, inattentive either they’ve switched ‘Location History’ setting on or off.

When you using Google Maps, Google will ask you to permit access to location data may be its iPhone or Android phones.  When concurring to this request, you also allow you Google Maps to record your location history to the data server, and your daily travel history update to the companies server.

On the Google support page for control your Location History, also the company says “you can turn off your location history anytime and turn off mode the company can’t store longer data.” Another side the AP investigation discovered this isn’t true.

Some of the examples that is location-tracking of Android’s automatic weather updates that still track your general and nearby location, also Google’s search engine saving an exact location for each search query of your devices to your Google account, and even Google Maps itself snapshotting your location when you open application on your phone.

In this location tracking issue ongoing inquiry at UC Berkeley identify a notification on her Android phone when she on a trip although she had turned off Location History.

When your Location History pause you may think Google can’t access my location but a number of Google apps still automatically store your location data without permission.

According to the AP, Google described, “There are a lot of different ways that Google may use the location for improving people experience, as well as Location History, App and Web through access location Services. Now we just share clear descriptions of these tools, and robust control so people easily recognize and can turn off or on depending on their mindset, also delete their histories at any time.

Actually, stop location services Android and iPhone devices work same, Google AP ‘Web and App Activity location setting by default on. You can control various option on your phone for apps and services connected through your Google Account.

AP discovered that few of setting, Google’s prompts advance explains what each setting means,  but only after you switch each one on or off. If you think that pause Location History setting on your Google account webpage its totally disconnect from Google, but you’re wrong some of the locations may be saved as a part of your activity on your Google search queries, like Search and Maps.

As an Android phone, switching the same set off you know that places you go with your location areas even your devices stop to added your Location History map. Another side in case of iPhone you’ll be alerted that your Google apps will be able to store location data in Location History.

Moreover, when switching the “Web and App Activity” setting from your Google account, you’re warned that the setting saves the things you do on Google sites, services, and app.

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Mechanically, Google is the right from its term and condition, its description of each of these setting like location history setting actually easy to access location data on the phone. The ability to view the timeline of exactly where you’ve been now. In the Google toggle setting ability to pinpoint your location data draw from this data what the companies necessary to give you perfect and accurate information.

Last year, Google faced the location-tracking issue. The company was found to be approaching users throughout the location even GPS tracking connecting was off over the Cell ID codes acquired through cellular towers.

The computer scientist Jonatan Mayer at Princeton and a former chief technologist for the FCC’s enforcement bureau, the Mayer said. “if your phone Location History as a turn off position then in that time all the places where control location history should be turned off. That appears like a delightful straightforward positing to have.

The AP finding information likely clear setting position and another side the language used to explain them are quite confusing for the average model of the phone like iPhone and Android. The question remains as to either Google will explain these privacy issues with updates options and the information supplied to consumers. Moreover, According to the GDRP laws already many more big tech companies change their policies regarding European users privacy and data, but Google may not have much of choice about privacy.

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