Google to Belgium not confounding defense sites images |
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Google to Belgium not confounding defense sites images

The national security about the city, the ministry said it had requested that the sites as air bases and nuclear power stations concealed on Google’s satellite mapping services center.

The spokeswomen said, “the Defense of Ministry will petition Google” by giving additional details.

The tech giant Google has accepted with similar requests from other governments overdoing its geomapping Google Earth, the other word the Google Maps and famous granular Street View services could understanding security.

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Google’s Alphabet Inc called (GOOGL.O), it had been connected with Belgium for more than two years that react to issue flagged by the defense ministry.

The Google spokesman Michiel Sallaets in Belgium said, “it’s a embarrass the Belgium Department of Defense has determined to take this decision.”

Also said, “we have to work intimately with them for more than two years, making changes to our Google maps were asked and legal.”

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