Google first introduced Google+ in 2011 and competing with another social media platform Facebook and Twitter, probably it was Google’s fourth effort at a social network.

But the platform decreases its audience and Google push to its attempt on the YouTube community.

The company also analysts their platform and after that Google decided to close site only discovering a data breach, in 2018.

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Google+ was launched 2011 inviting to everyone before it releases it globally with some kind of essential features usually of social networks, also its ability to post photos and status updates on particular feeds.

Moreover, Google also explained it as a “social layer” designed to work across all its services including YouTube and the search giant continues to push YouTube for more engagement.

Google+ also made things to difficult for the capability to the users by implementing a strict real name policy.

Besides that Google also made a mistake of primarily deleting the pages of brands that attempted to set up Google+ profiles through the business and use it as a social network.

Push to YouTube

The other hand the company effort to boost its engagement and Google decided to combine Google+ with its other services such as Gmail. Moreover, its users were enraged when it decided to make Google+ profile interconnect to able comment on YouTube videos.

Besides that, the search giant also made it a necessity to have a Google+ account to able leave reviews on apps in the Google Play Store. This helped probably quick boost on the social network but unfortunately, it failed, just a few users actually engaging with the platform.

The company facing poor chain decisions and finding two data breaches then ultimately Google’s decision to shutter down on Google+ for all.

These data breaches gave to Google a clear view to close social network and unfortunately recently it killed another product such as a Google Inbox. So, at least a few users will likely weep to the death of Google+.

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