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Google rolled out Spam-Protection feature like True-Caller on Android

Google has been working on its messaging apps to detect spam on Android smartphone. According to the Android Police, Google has already started to roll out its new feature for some of Android users and soon it will available for everyone.

When your phone able with spam protection feature then your phone receive spam notification and as well as you will notice a new notifications pop-up on your phone, otherwise you can manually enable spam-protection following this way, Setting > Advance Settings > Spam Protection > Enable Spam Protection.

The spam protection feature automatically alerts you when it found spam on your device.

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Especially, Google’s release support help site that explains how the new spam protection feature will protect your privacy. Another side, when the spam protection feature is enabled on your devices, you also receive some of the information about your message that provides by Google.

Moreover, the content will not able to read as like as phone number or the message body.

It will really helpful feature for Android users and make sure if you’re worried about data on messaging app, I recommended to use spam protection feature because of its most powerful feature beside of other alternative apps.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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