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Google restricts to tech support ads, thanks to Google for support

The tech support is the most practical issue on the internet, and Google is trying to fix all of the issues that people getting intricate is them through their ads.

It’s also definite to restrict ads by third-party technical support providers, such as making these kinds of businesses verify themselves.

A post from the Google’s director of global product policy David Graf on Friday, he said that “ as the counterfeit activity takes place off our platform, it’s progressively difficult to separate the bad actors from the authentic providers.”

“That’s the reason we’re roll out a verification program that recognizes who is authentic providers of the third-party support, actually who can use our platform to reach consumers.”

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The surprising announcement comes from the Wall Street Journal. It included especially bad ad purporting from the Apple,  which appeared when one search for this term “Apple tech support” on Google.

In such a case, the ad showed a URL for Apple’s official website, and another side its showed a linked phone number participative to a tech support scammer.

According to the 2018 case study by the newspaper found that 72 percent of sponsored ads on major search engines that obviously related to tech support queries linked to scams.

Google has enforced verification checks to combat fraud to other problematic categories, like another service and addiction treatment centers.

This is also banned ads for payday loans, and bail bonds services, and also cryptocurrency related content.

Whereas the restrict ads will absolutely stop for people, who are tricked via Google’s ads, the tech support scams will continue through some of the methods like cold-calling and curious pop-ups.

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