Google recently adds Smart Reply feature on Google Hangouts app |
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Google recently adds Smart Reply feature on Google Hangouts app

Google has just added a new feature of its messaging platform Google Hangouts. The feature is ‘Smart Reply’ which has definitely save users valuable time. Google says in a blog, “we’re releasing Smart Reply feature on Hangouts Chat messenger app and it just perform to immediately and move to your project with more effectively, in less time. This part of our ongoing effort on intelligent, as well as beneficial writing tool G Suite, it can help to improve better. SEE ALSO: Google will next year shut down Inbox by Gmail app The Hangouts feature is presently available in English, it’s uses refined machine learning intelligence, that little more about performing behind Smart Reply in Gmail. Google technology also define which messages most useable to responses and intends up to 3 different replies. For example, once you one you can send it instantly or edit the message with the Smart Reply test. Make sure please note, now this feature only in English. According to Reuters, Google launched Hangouts in 2013 as a free service messaging platform. Consequently, Google transformed it for businesses when the company enlarges with its enterprise sales and effort to its intelligent and many of the consumers demands the same feature which Google produce. Hopefully, there was an unofficial report that Google will shut down Hangouts messaging apps by 2020. Moreover, according to Google Hangouts product head Scott Johnston “Google Hangouts will be shut down or not there is no clear report, so Hangouts users will be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and meet Hangouts platform with full of confident. The news of ‘Hangouts shut down’ it just fake news.” Video Courtesy: Mashable

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