Tuesday, the search engine giant Google announced eSIM wireless service on its Pixel 3 smartphone with the telecommunication company Airtel and Reliance Jio in India.

Google was the first smartphone supplier to support built-in eSIMs with its Project Fi but now it called something Google Fi network.

Google Partnerships, Director Kerrie Lenhart Hogan said in a statement, the Sprint in the US, EE in the UK, Airtel and Reliance Jio India and Gigsky and Truphone in this various kind of countries will also roll out eSIM support for Pixel 3 smartphone in the coming months.”

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So, now you’re in Germany, purchase a Pixel 3 with the ability of eSIM utility from Deutsche Telekom and surprisingly Vodafone coming soon.

Google earlier smartphone Pixel 2 was the first major model with eSIM an embedded SIM that you can instant moment connect to a carrier network with the tap of the button of your phone.

Another feature of the eSIM that is users can easily connect across devices and make their room full of Google ecosystem, it can connect Android smartphone to Wear OS smartwatches to Chromebooks.

Google also said, “to enable persistently and feel a simple experience across the ecosystem, we’re already creating a programme that basically allows Android devices producers to build eSIM supported smartphones.”

Happily, Pixel 3 launched in October at India price of Rs 71,000 for the 64 GB variant and 128GB storage variant at Rs 80,000.

Another side the Pixel 3 XL is available at Rs 83,000 for 64GB variant and Rs 92,0000 for the 128GB variant.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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