Google promised $25 million spent on AI solutions |

Google promised $25 million spent on AI solutions for social issues

The tech giant Google isn’t just getting back from its military AI contract, the company promising to use computing power for more positive goals.

Recently the company has launched an AI that valuable for Social Good program that will integrate to the engineering and research efforts faithful toward virtuous reasons such as finding jobs, conserving wildlife, predictive floods and anticipating health issues. The effort will perform outside of Google help, but it’s not only just method- its called likes ideas from non-experts.

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The company is furious of the AI Impact Challenge that inquires about the academia, non-profit and another organization to accompany with AI proposals solve on humanitarian, social and environmental problems.

Any kind of proposal cut will receive funding from a $25 million pool, probably join an accelerator program and accept consulting same as custom support it will help for data science of non-profit DataKind. Beside of Google will pick of winner position in 2019 with assistance from experts panel.

After months of censure, Google’s image with some degree is shine. Also, the company had been tracking some of these AI projects for the years and now it has a prominent level of those initiatives and funding many more projects.

As well as Google recognition of AI is the exciting environment without philosophy of culture and ethical effects.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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