Welcome to Google Pay.

Finally, the payment platform announced people can pay to friends with the app with saving content tickets and the boarding pass. Surprisingly the message their payment information in a one spot.

Earlier this year these updates were announced during the Google Pay rebranding, but the payment features rolled out today have been long functions of competitor payment platforms like Apple Pay and Venmo.

Google compatriots could previously request and pay each other money, but this time they could only do it through the split app called Google Pay Send. The new function Google Pay Send is now integrated into the Google Pay app, so this update essentially necessary for Google Pay Send.

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Evidently, Google’s aim is money- related service go through better compete in the space. Apple Pay has included the new feature like ticket-saving, and time repeat on them to the point where their good experience in travel areas.
Google Pay for ticket saving moment has a limited selection of places from which you can save tickets, but there isn’t much support from the other common ticket source like Singapore Airlines.

Google does have an advantage. Google Pay platform available in Google’s Android and iOS app, and user easily access it.



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